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Solar Energy Equipment

Off Grid


The challenge of living off- grid, has been eased by the development of high-tech Equipment designed to provide electricity where there is no grid power, the cost of bringing grid power to the property, or running a generator 24/7 would be too expensive.

As with any quality product, knock-offs ready to profit from the uninformed consumer. These products promise much and usually cost less and have a very short life and no warrantees.

Beware of these products!

After years of working with many clients around the country and sometimes around the world, the single biggest regret they have ever experienced has been not installing the right equipment from the start. They have saved and built their dream home usually in remote or isolated locations away from the city, just to find themselves stranded and with no power, usually sooner than later.

Most of us have lived all of our lives in the city, where since the 1920's we have had the ability of flipping a switch and turning a faucet and instantly getting pressurized hot and cold water and plenty of electricity for all our needs.

Most clients built their dream home without prior knowledge, of what it takes to have the comforts of home…away from home.

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