The inverter you choose will allow or restrict all power demands and production in your household
Solar Energy Equipment

Inverters !

The inverter is the single most important piece of equipment in a solar system. The inverter ties all of the other electrical components together.

Most inverters are smart inverters, this means that the inverter can utilize the energy being produced from the solar array even during low light conditions.

Before choosing an inverter a critical load analysis should be performed by a solar energy professional for stand alone and grid tied solar systems.

This analysis will pinpoint the size of inverter needed. This will also give the solar professional a chance to factor in any future energy needs for the customer. It is much less expensive and easier to add modules to the array than it is to install a larger inverter system in the future.

There are a few types of inverters available on the market today.

  • Grid tied. Grid tied inverters utilize the utilities grid as a battery bank. This type of inverter is a little less expensive, yet leaves you vulnerable to power outages. As well as catastrophic system failure if one module was to be damaged
  • Micro-inverter. Micro-inverters immediately convert the DC to AC at the module and is completely independent from each module. If one module was to become damaged the rest of the modules will continue to produce AC electricity.
  • Off grid inverter. Off grid inverters do not attach to the utility grid. They must have a battery bank to store electricity. Off grid inverters are excellent for remote and rural applications.
  • Hybrid inverter. Hybrid grid inverters can be configured with a battery bank or connected to the utility grid. Hybrid inverters also can incorporate other energy inputs. Such as a wind turbine or Hydro electric generator.
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