Batteries are the Work-horse of the solar system, the right storage will ensure Years of reliable power, an undersized battery
Solar Energy Equipment

Batteries !

BBI Batteries
BBI Batteries are used for the Larger applications, Restaurants, Hotels, very large residences Communities and where very large capacity is required.

Surrette Rolls
Surrette Rolls L-16 Model Batteries are the prime choice of power storage for the average.

Household, usually for the Small to Medium sized systems, where clients are aware of system's capabilities and are energy efficiency minded, the smaller the battery the more maintenance needed.

Trojan L-16, and T-105 Models are usually the smallest form of storage and not the best suited for hot. Dry climates, since the smaller electrolyte reservoirs usually go dry well before larger batteries. This causes sulfating and battery failure. They are usually the choice for small solar systems.

Outback Batteries
Brand New in the Market for 2012, and part of the New Radian Series. They are designed to provide reliable power, Low maintenance and seamless integration. Sealed AGM technology, does not require maintenance, no electrolyte to replenish. They come with well designed powder coated Steel cabinets that facilitate Safety and storage.

Surrette Rolls
The Larger Surrette Rolls Batteries are used in at least 50% of all residential applications.

They feature extra thick plates that tolerate high heat, and superior cycling. The larger reservoirs allow for longer intervals between routine maintenance. These batteries work well in most applications for over 5 years.

Some of these models include the 2V, 4V, and 6V Models.

Battery bank/Energy storage
Batteries are the workhorse of the solar system, using the right storage components will ensure years of reliable power. It is important to design the battery bank to fit your usage needs, as an undersized battery bank will result in short battery life and an unreliable solar system.

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